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-Samuel Adams

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30 October 2008

Keeping the Poor Poor

We have a guest blogger of sorts today. A friend who is much more eloquent than I sent out the following as an email. I'm posting it here with his permission:

Glenn Beck got me thinking about this from his radio show today.

You've all heard the argument, however petty, that claims the Republican Party is the party of the rich. It's a popular bumper sticker among Liberal voters. Well, let's suppose that's actually true. From some perspectives (moronic though I may find them), it certainly looks true. It feels true. So let's take that and run with it. The Republican Party's constituents are all rich. And if they're not rich, then at least they're greedy and want to become rich. Right? Ok, so in order to get into power, the Republicans need to keep their constituents happy...i.e. keep the rich people rich and find ways to make the non-rich but greedy people rich, too. Makes sense, right?

So, the Republicans = support for rich people and corporate greed (to keep this exercise going, please disregard the fact that rich people and corporations do most of the job creating in this country). Ok. Let's look at the other side of our two-party system here. Where, then, does the Democratic party get their power? Who are the Democrats' constituents? Do they go after rich people, too? Well, except for Hollywood, George Soros, and a hand-full of others out there, the answer is "no". They promote themselves as the champions of the poor, and maybe you could argue the middle class. Ok. We'll give you that one, too. So, if the Dems get in office and have their way, are they going to attempt to uplift their constituents and try to make everybody rich, or even to get out of the way so people can make themselves rich? Are they going to be working to improve the lives of all Americans? They may think so, but their goals conflict with each other. The Democratic Party, like the Republican Party, is a collection of politicians. And no matter how good their hearts or intentions, the only way those politicians can stay in power and continue to inflict...excuse me, enact the changes they want for the betterment society as they see it (ex. France), is to maintain their voting base. If the poor or middle-class get rich, then wouldn't they switch teams to the GOP - the party of the rich? I imagine that not all, but most would do so in order to protect what they have. It's human nature. So, say it with me, if the Republicans want to keep rich people rich in order to stay in power, then in order for the Dems to stay in power, don't they need to keep poor people poor?

Sounds silly, doesn't it? No, of course they don't want that. They're the party for the poor and middle class, right? Sure, they tell us all the time. They wouldn't say it if it weren't true. Well, for argument's sake, if you wanted to keep people from becoming too successful but still interested in keeping you in power, how would you do it? For those of you who said, "Voter Fraud", good answer, but that's not what I'm talking about right now. The answer I'm looking for is, at least to me, an obvious one - make them dependent upon you. Promise them things like tax cuts for 95% of Americans but ignore the fact that 95% of Americans don't pay taxes in the first place. Don't mention that you're going to let Bush's tax cuts expire in 2010, so by doing nothing, our taxes will automatically rise. Poll popular ideas first, and then talk about those as if they are your own. Don't worry, you don't have to say the same things to the same people. Instill feelings of class-envy and jealousy by playing Robin Hood - promising to tax the "unjustly" rich and give to the poor, and define for all of America a threshold for when you have "enough" money (currently fluctuating somewhere between $150K and $300K). Promise inclusion and welcome everyone into a hate-free environment - unless you're one of the other guys. Raise taxes for the rich, and challenge their patriotism if they balk at the idea. Promise health care for everybody. Promise affordable housing for everybody. Work to help the country by taking over everyone's 401-K's and rolling them all under the social security administration. And all this is a pill more easily swallowed when you get a smooth, suave, steel-spined spokesman to sell it. Neither does it hurt when most major entertainment sources blindly follow your agenda without asking any of the tough questions. But occasionally, one of those tough questions does happen to sneak through. And if it makes its way to the news and you're running the risk of having your flock of sheep start to wake up and question you, just simply fire up the mob again. It's easy. All you have to do is discredit the questioner with claims of racism, right-wing political propaganda, past financial or legal trouble, or anything else handy, which will effectively shift the focus back on the them and not on you.

I don't know...maybe it's me. Or maybe it's easier for me to see since I'm on the outside of this party, looking in. Both parties are guilty of seeing what they want and ignoring what they don't want to think about or can justify for some "greater good". But, while the Republican party and its candidate are by NO means perfect, or even what I would consider to be conservative, how can anyone with an ounce of ambition or self respect choose to be lied to and held back by the current incarnation of the Democratic Party, only so they can turn around and take care of you?

Update: Related video link from a poster in the comments Here. Not the style I'm accustomed to, but very well put. He makes the same point as my friend at the beginning, and then goes on to criticize Democrats and The One on lots of other things.


  1. Great point!

    This guy makes a similar observation:

    Unfortunately a lot of people that vote for Democrats because they want to spread the wealth around don't expect to be elevated in their status. They are content with everyone else being lowered to their level of prosperity. So even if it is in the interest of Democrats to keep the poor poor, the poor might not really care anyways.

  2. Thank the "if it bleeds, it leads" for-profit media sources. Thank the public schools. Thank our ever-so-popular "everybody's a winner" upbringing. We're raising and breeding victims who see themselves as helpless, and their only hope for success is to have the government give it to them. We're abandoning everything that made and makes this country what it is.

  3. I know it seems pretty dark right now, but it can't really be as bad as all that... after all, at least half of the country still has it's head on straight. And I'm quite sure that the only reason this election is even close (the republican should be TROUNCING Obama) is that McCain is still far too liberal for most of us. Oh, and I don't think blaming "profit" for the media's crappiness makes any sense... they're all going out of business because nobody wants to read propaganda. If they'd just report NEWS they'd be doing just fine.